Lleno de gozo

Weekly Letter! Wahoo!

Alright, I don´t really have very much to write you, because this week has just flown by.

Something really cool happened this past monday, we were talking to Teresa and Diego, after a family night with some memebers, and she told me “I know that this church is true because I feel such joy inside” and I about died. So exciting. But they´ve been thinking about changing their babtism again, because Diego has chickungunya (which is… really bad. Like it affects you for the rest of your life sort  of thing…. your bones hurt, as well as a grand fever and stuff like that) But he recieved a blessing and hopefully he can feel better for this weekend!

Something exciting, is that… PRESIDENT NELSON IS COMING TO NICARAGUA! I don´t wanna brag or nothin´… but pretty dang excited. This Saturday (bright and early) we are headed off for Managua, were we will join with the Nicaragua north mission to hear him talk (and a few from the seventies as well…) but yea… future Prophet… in my country… pretty excited.

I´d be way more excited if he announced a temple here… just saying. We have so many people who need to do temple work, and who want to, but they can´t leave the country for reasons of medical, or they don´t have the money, or for the youth their parents don´t support them with a signature (which is super sad) but yeah… would be awesome!

-Nobody in the family of my companion Hermana Quezada is a member, and she loves you guys, so she adopted usBut yeah. Just going along!
-Eating Pupusas... because my companion is from El Salvador... had to be done!
-Eating Pupusas… because my companion is from El Salvador… had to be done!
I´m 6 months old in the mission! I can finally have this apple sauce! Wahoo!

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