IT’s the Final Count down! Kindof

ok not really. But this time next year folks… crap! I don´t have any time left. I have things to do! People to babtize! Areas to proselite!

But really, 6 months down and I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of things. Things with Hermana Quezada are super awesome. She is a really hard worker and we’ve been doing good!
Thank you for all your prayer and help, Fernando got babtised! DSC03687Yes! He’s super awesome. He’s the one right next to me in the picture. We’re pretty happy, but this is when the real test comes in. Half of it is the babtism, but the other half is a lot longer… the rest of your life… enduring. It’s something that is a fight and is hard no matter where you live. From the Happy Valley to Russia. It’s hard. Hopefully we can motivate him to always make those choices correct.
Our latest miracle happened Wednesday, we have a family we are teaching (who have 7 kids, but they aren’t married) and they went to the church for a Noche de Hermanamiento (night of brotherhood?) Anyways. And after, we needed contacts, so we went contacting in the park near by (after saying goodbye to Diego and Teresa) anyways. So idk why, but this night there was only a bunch of drunk people, and this one guy started talking to us, but he wouldn´t let us go out of the conversation. We started feeling uneasy, and we saw Diego sitting on the other side of the park watching us, with Teresa and one of their sons Abel. Anyways, he had had the feeling that he shouldn´t leave the park until we did, which was a good thing, we left the man to go and talk to them, and he started following us. When we sat down, he sat down not too far away from us, pretending to be on his phone, but when we got up and left, he was right there with us. It was a little spooky, and my companion made a little bit bigger deal out of it, but we were very grateful to Diego and that he followed this prompting. They dropped us off at a members house not too far away, where we waited for awhile until the man left. So yeah, that was a little exciting.
But Teresa and Diego are rockstars man. We´re so excited. Their wedding/babtism is the 29 of August, and I would love all of your prayers again… they are very special and I know this is important for them. All of their kids aren´t quite ready to hear the gospel truth yet, but I know with time and patience, and with the example of their parents.
Here are a few pictures, of my area,
how lazy I am that I haven’t  washed my dishes, so I had to eat a hot dog with a knife. DSC03466
This is where I live, we live with this sweet little Catholic lady rents the back room of her house, so this is the “hallway” To our apt. Super pretty. DSC03463
Yep. That´s how it´s shaking bacon… pretty darn great. I think I got rid of the lice in my hair too, hurray!
Hasta LuegDSC03542DSC03470DSC03471

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