La Chilka de El Salvador!

DSC03651So who remembers that episode of Arther, where everybody in the school had lice? Welcome to my lice… erm… life. yeah. I have lice. How embarassing right? It has been a week of Arther re-runs in my head. Pretty great!

But, the best part is my companion is great! And loves to comb through my hair! Hurray! So yeah. I had changes! Hermana Aguilar is at her house, loving it! Having a Sunday without running crazy through the town looking for investigators! Yeah. Pretty sad for her. This life is much more exciting..

But my new companion is…. HERMANA QUEZADA! DSC03622She was in Granada with me (in the same district) and we got along super well… so when I saw her step off the bus I about died. Pretty dang excited. She’s wonderful, super sweet, but has more layers than that. She is the only member of the family, and her mom basically doesn’t support her at all. For the first 6 months in her mission she didn’t get letters from home. But her family is warming up to the idea. She was a motor bike racer, but quit because she had to work sundays. I just love it. She has such a strong testimony, and a really good way at breaking the ice with people. I LOVE WORKING WITH HER! it’s been pretty great.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I hope you all gave her lots of love in behaf of me.

So yeah. FERNANDO IS GOING TO BE BABTIZED THIS NEXT WEEK! This man. Man. He is awesome. He knows the church is true. And he just. is awesome. We worked hard to help him understand. And he has worked hard to keep the faith. And we’re all super excited that he can be babtized this next Saturday. Pray for us! We never know what weird plan Satan has in store for this week.

I love you lots, and way jealous that you’re going to Lake Powell! Hopefully next year!

I love that the Reunion is the day I get home. That’s so exciting!

Love you all!


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