Though your Hair be as Scarlet

WAHOO! So.. I got pooped on again this week. By a bird flying by. This makes 4 times in the last three weeks. And the chances of being pooped on by a bird here are the same as at home. So it just shows what good luck I have…

So we had a babtism this past week! I´ll send pictures the next week. But her name is Fernanda, and she is awesome. She is not a “church type” of person, but I have seen a lot of changes in her already. She lives with her dad and has a baby (who bites) but I hope she can continue to grow her faith. She´s a little timid, and we practically had to drag her out of the bathroom stall because she was embarassed of the dress she was babtised in, but she feels good in this church and she knows it is true.
So we had our multi-zone last last week, and I forgot to write about it. It was awesome! Really reminded us how to live up to our fullest. And that we´re all going through a rough time. We are as the armies of Helaman. For reals. I don´t know about other missions, but we are soldiers. For reals. If our General (President) asks us what we´re doing here, we shout (in perfect army unison) “BAUTIZAR Y RETENER!” We are here for a duty. And he doesn´t let us forget it. He is hard, and he knows he is hard, but I couldn´t ask for a better one. I resent him at times, but I have such high respect for President Russell. He has such pride in his missionaries, and I know he expects the best and no less. It feels really good, Unified as a mission. We all hate him, but love him.
So I was reading a conference talk the other day (Which I love… Mom if you could send me the latest conference Ensign in English that would be amazing) And I loved one that adviced us the best way to EXCERSIVE our faith:
1. 5 x´s daily “Prayer”
2. 1x daily “Scripture Study”
3. 1x Weekly “Family Home Evening”
4. 1x Monthly “Go to the temple”
I expect all of us to cut the flab off of our testimony, and get to work.
So yeah… I died my hair red. Super dumb. But a good experience. I have spent all week dying, bleaching, begging, praying, trying to get back to my blonde hair. And guess what? Nothing. It´s orange. I had a hard time. I know it´s silly, only hair, but where is the atonement? I realized what I did was wrong, and said I was sorry, I´m trying to fix it and… nothing. Though my sins be as scarlet, I wasn´t seeing white hair. But you know what? Sometimes we just need to live with it. Cut it. So I cut what I could, and I did the most important part of repentance. I let it go. I did all I could, and now I need to live with the consequences of what I couldn´t fix. (for another few months or so until it grows out) how frustrating right?! But we can´t always correct what we have wronged. And that´s why we have the atonement.
That´s all folks. I´m sorry I don´t have any crazy Nica stories this week… It´s a shame that they just seem normal, so I forget to remember them for you guys. But this next week yes! And lots of pictures next week!

— Love

Hermana Lord

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