So yeah. Yesterday was the revolution date of Nicaragua… Not really independance, but it is a huge celebration here. 36 years since the war. Kinda a big deal to the people. But it didn´t affect our work too much here in Jinotepe, mostly because all of the people went to Managua…. like… the whole country met in the Capital. Nobody was home all day. Super dangerous. But super fun for everybody!

So sadly yesterday was a very sad day. We dropped a ton of our progressing investigators. Right now is just not the time for them. It just is so sad. One of them told us that the church he was going to before, feels more like home than the ours… and like… DUH! You´ve only gone once to this church! But it´s just sad.

But it is good, we talked to a investigator yesterday (The one who is a grandpa and is only 35 years old) about if he felt like he had recieved an answer yet about this church. And he said yes! He said he felt like what we said was true. And he has been praying, and reading the Book of Mormon a little. And he felt like he needed this in his life… YES! All of the let down, but let up to this moment. We´re pretty happy.

So we worked with the Bishop this past week, and it was awesome! He brings such authority to the lessons. I loved it. Dad you better be working with the missionaries as much as you can. Because I know that they love it. It doesn´t matter if you´re mormon or not, you can feel the Priesthood authority that those leaders have.

It just testifies to me more that we need to support our leaders more and more. They have been called of God for this work, and we need to sustain them!

Spanish is going super well. The Latinas have to learn English, and the more I teach Hna. Aguilar English, the better my Spanish is becoming. Its really good!

I love you all, and I love hearing for you guys always! Even just a little bit. I´ll try to send more pictures about how Nicaragua is!

But this picture is the number of babtisms our mission had in the month of May, and all the names of the people babtized.

And the other… just eating American food… doesn´t happen too often

DSC03413 DSC03391

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