Chelita mi amor!

Chela means white girl…
Another great week in Nicaragua! Had a ton of wake up moments this week. Where we are just walking down the street, chatting in Spanish, and bam. It hits me. 10 years ago… no 5… not even 1 year ago did I imagine I would be here. In Nicaragua. I didn’t even know it existed! And here I am, in the middle of it. Stuffing my face with Gallo Pinto (Nica way to say rice and beans) and getting way too excited over little things… like yay we have water!
So this month (Julio) is the month of Saint James! (Santiago) And he happens to be the Saint of Jinotepe…. so yeah. The city is a little crazy right now. With a ton of drunk people. And it is so funny. They aren’t dangerous, because they are just like zombies. Dumb and slow. But we have passed out a Word of wisdom pampleth to a guy who started sobbing about how he needs to stop drinking (who also was carrying around a chicken in his backpack…) and ran into a member who was so super drunk… good times… not. But they’re funny, and all night I get shouted at more than usual “Chelita mi amor!” It’s pretty funny. So in memory, I bought a bracelet, and had my name burned into it.
But on to the important things… STUDIO C IS COMING TO OUR HOUSE! And I’m going to miss it. Commendeer a t-shirt for me if you can please 😀 Man. Can’t believe I’m missing it! Impress them by telling them you have an amazing daughter in Nicaragua 😉
As for your questions mom, about Groceries, here we have a grocery store, that we shop at. But sometimes (like today) we have ran out of money. So I didn’t buy any groceries. But they also have these pulperrias… everywhere. That have the basics. So when I have money I can just grab milk or whatever from there. It’s just cheaper at the big store. And we buy our groceries seperatly. But we end up sharing food anyways.
I’ll try to take more photos. I’m on it.
So super sad. We had this Investigator, who has decided to go back to her other church…  but she knows this church is true. We were with her, and her brother walks into the room and starts telling us what we believe (which of course, isn’t even close to the truth) And lo and behold, Martha (our investigator) starts defending us. and was like “I believe in everything they say… and it’s like this… and here are the scriptures to defend them”and it was super great. But super sad. We figure she doesn’t want to come to church because her husband doesn’t want to marry her, and so she feels ashamed… Lay de Castidad… for reals. Super sad. But super great.
Sometimes my job is just clearing up misinformation day after day… but I feel like that’s a pretty great start.
And Kandis, as for your experience with the friend of a friend who wanted to know about our church, I understand.  Don’t worry, after the first time you’re better prepared with what to say. Trust me, with time it is a lot better. I feel so much more prepared. But might I suggest, for those who haven’t had the opportunidad to practice very much, the 13 articles of faith?
Joseph Smith literally gave these Articles, to explain what Mormons believe. I have found them very useful. In a situation when the people just don’t want to listen, just back out with these essential doctrines. So perfectly laid out. (probably more useful in modern day speech) but basics for “Mormonism”. I love it when a conversation starts out with “So, Joseph Smith is your God right?” because it’s actually a great opportunity to get our name out there a little more. Correctly. With practice and confidence that this church is the true church, it suddenly becomes so much easier. No kidding, I love answering questions now, when before it made me cringe.
But with this, I would like to share a talk from October 2013 General Conference, that I absolutly love. I attached it here for those too lazy to look it up. “put your trust in the Lord” and it’s about… MISSIONARY WORK! WOOOOOOH! Not going to lie. Before a mission, I cringed. And I still cringe thinking about missionary work in the “civilian lifestyle” But I love this talk! I love how he says, if we pray for an experience, we are going to recieve one. But it’s going to come naturally! You don’t have to street contact. It’s going to come up with friends, family, in some way that you can help them grow closer to Christ. It isn’t always with a pamphlet or with the missionaries, but in any little way. Spread the light that is Christ. Super beautiful. I know it’s super scary, trust me, I KNOW. But we can’t let these people wander. Not finding the truth “because they know not where to look”
Way other note, people are amazing. Last night we ate dinner at a less actives house (like we do every Sunday) and there house… isn’t even a one bedroom house. It’s a zero bedroom house. For their parents, and grown up children. Pretty sure they all share one big bed. And they are the best people ever! They are so loving. They feed us way too much, and they have so little. So great. There is so much each of us can do without. Simplify! Yep
This letter is way too long. Thanks for listening.
Whose hair is that?

DSC03318Some girl fun with my awesome companion.

We colored the bottom of my hair a brown/red color.

Beautiful "White GIrl"
Beautiful “White GIrl”

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