Oh man. You can’t even feel my energy from way over there in the USA, but I am in heaven.
This past Wednesday I had transfers, and man, did I score big. I went from the hottest area in the mission, to the coolest. It’s sooooo fresh here, and so green and so wonderful! There is always wind! WE HAVE TO WEAR SWEATERS AT NIGHT! Oh man. You don’t even know how much I love it.
Even my apartment, it’s a tiny studio apartment, but I still love it! It’s so much cleaner, and brighter, and I just love everything about this area.
There is a bad thing, our lunch apointment is at a bakery, so I am going to gain a ton of weight! Ah! But all is well.
My new Companion SISTER AGUILAR from Guatemala.
My new Companion
SISTER AGUILAR from Guatemala.
So my companion’s name is Hermana Aguilar, she is from Guatamala, and is super amazing! I love her, but sadly I’m killing her (aka she is going home after this transfer) And I don’t feel like 6 weeks is going to be enough time with her! She is teaching me so much. She gets along with everybody super well, and is really awesome at teaching the lessons clearly and simply. But she doesn’t really give me much room to talk in the lessons, but hopefully with time we’ll learn how to teach together!
She is so funny, and loves animals more than people. It’s pretty great. All the dogs here she has such a heart, but the children? It’s super funny. I love her, and we get along super well. She is very direct, but loving. And it is perfect for my personality as well! I just love being with her.
So yeah! They had a Babtism tuesday, and for the confirmation yesterday we basically staked-out their house from 6:30 am until 9:00 to try to get them to the church for their confirmation… and somehow the husband snuck out and went to Managua… so that was eventful.
So funny story, we have an investigator… who is 35 (and looks about 22) and he is already a Grandfather! How weird right? Just goes to show you how much of a different culture it is here. When people know I’m 20 and don’t have children, they are always super surprised! super crazy…
So I have been reading Our Heritage, which I thought would be so boring, but I am loving it! It brings me to tears every day. No joke. My companion thinks it’s hilarious. But it’s just so moving, the faith that those pioneers had. Super beautiful. I recomend it to all of you!
Having a wonderful time, and for the first time I really CAN wait to go home. Everything in it’s time. I’m loving it here!

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