Rain Rain….

Birthday Party for Elder Jungar.
Birthday Party for Elder Jungars!

Hey there!

So I think the rainy season is almost officially starting. We have had a bit of rain these past couple of days. So yay! But apprently it never actually gets bad here… because it is like one of the hottest places in Nicaragua!
But yeah. So Miracles first.. WE FOUND MIGUEL ANGEL! YAY! Turns out he has been out of town for a month. So my heart feels so much better. (we had lost him the day after his babtism… pretty heart breaking) but yay! And he went to church, and had a super great attitude. We´re going to work with him more today. YAY!
But this week actually has been super hard. We had this super positive investigator, and we were in a middle of a lesson, that was going super well. When his pastor came into our lesson, and started fighting with us about the Book of Mormon… needless to say the Investigator has been avoiding us… Just makes me so sad. He had explained to us how we had a ton of questions in his life right now, and wanted change… but I guess it just really isn´t his nime. So frustrating! But I am learning patience. The Lord´s timing isn´t our timing.
Been studying the New Testiment a ton, and loving every word. It has really helped me see Christ in everything as well. We were walking around when I stepped into this huge mud pile (obviously not on purpose) and this nice lady brought be water, and towels, and like… Idk. I may be being cheesy. But I felt such joy. Like. This is so cheesy. But when all day we are just being rejected by everybody (example : -Hi what´s your name? -We´re Catholic) But that´s something I love about these Nica´s, is that the majority are trying to live a Christlike life. They are very ready to help… just not really ready to hear the gospel.
Like this fast Sunday for example. It was so funny, we never get offered anything free… until we´re fasting. It´s great. The minute we start fasting somebody offers us drinks, another person is making pupusas and has extras… But this sundaywas good. Juan came to church (hurray) and is all set for his babtism this Saturday! YAY!
Umm… yeah! I´m doing good. This week has been a little rough for me, but hopefully this week is looking up!
Seriously!  How Rude of mother nature.
Seriously! How Rude of mother nature.1 
1.The minute I finished my laundry…it started raining super hard.
2 We went to the lake today for p.day… and just looked at it
3 Today is the Birthday of Elder Jungers! YAY! He´s 20 (this picture is actually at the top… and doesn´t want to move… so yay!)
— Amor

Hermana Lord
P- day at the Lake


One thought on “Rain Rain….

  1. Hello Hermana Lord! I love reading about your mission experiences on this blog! You are so positive and beautiful. I’ve just been thinking about you and want you to know you are in my prayers. Do you have an email address so I can write to you? Love you! Lisa Hall


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