Another day another blessing…

So this week has been very full! And very good.

Tuesday I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leader, and we stopped by the house of Juan and Luisa… and turns out they have been lying to us this entire time! Lying about lying… yeah. Juan didn’t “fall well” with Hermana Martinez, so they had been lying about all of this.. But they still wanted babtism, so Wednesday and Thursday was full of just trying to get the papers for their marriage! Ah! So we spent a lot of time in taxis those days. But Luisa got babtized this past Saturday, and they got married too!
Wednesday we had interviews with the President! (and cleaning checks, we won brownies, hurray!) And the interview went super well… and super fast. I did not really have much to say. But for the interviews we also weigh ourselves… and I have lost 16 lbs since the MTC! So that’s huge…
Happy Birthday big sis! Wahoo! June 1st! And also, happy mothers day! Because Saturday was mothers day here. And actually a really hard day to work. Apparently it is a bigger holiday than Christmas! What?!
So we have a great new Ward mission leader, and things are finally starting to look up with the members.
Questions from Mom!
Q1  Do you use the water bottle the mtc uses?
A1  Yes, but it is really crappy to carry around always. It leaks and stuff, so I only use it at home. And then just buy filtered           water.
Q2  What do you have for breakfast usually?
A2  Honestly? I don’t. But sometimes I have crackers… or yogurt… or top ramen. Depends on what I have at the time. And if I       am actually hungry or not!
Q3  Is your new comp a hard worker?
A3  She is a way hard worker! She is a really good example to me. Sometimes she works a little too hard, but I am helping           her be more lazy 😀
You all need to send me pictures from the reuinion! I am so sad I wasn’t there, But I am sure you all had so much fun!
So I love this Scripture  Ezra 10:4 “Arise; for this matter belongeth unto thee: we also will be with thee: be of good courage and do it”
I just love it! Because all of us have things in our lives that we have to do alone. (like live in Nicaragua) but our family is still with us. There to support us. be of good courage, AND DO IT! It is as simple as that. Just do it. It is hard, I know, but do it.
Yep. That’s it! love you all lots!
— Amor

Hermana Lord

After the Marriage of Luisa and Juan then the Baptism of Luisa.  So HAPPY!
After the Marriage of Luisa and Juan then the Baptism of Luisa. So HAPPY!

DSC03235 DSC03243


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