I’m sure it’s somebody’s birthday today! Happy 20th Birthday to Me!

I LOVE being a Missionary!
I LOVE being a Missionary!

Hey family! Today has been so great! I am well loved here, don’t even worry! (mom, that is for you) My birthday has been amazing. The sisters from my district showed up early this morning with doughnuts and campestre! Perfect! We didn’t take pictures (gladly) because I had just gotten out of the shower. But it was really great. And then our whole district went out for… burgers? Nica’s attempt at Burgers! They were really great!

Things with Hermana Martinez are super tuani! (cool) Really though, we are becoming better and better friends. She is such a hard worker, and together we push the other. This past week has been especially difficult, but it’s all good, because I think that has helped us grow closer together!
With Juan and Luisa, I’m afraid there is not going to be a babtism. He has been lying and smoking this whole time, and while Luisa wants babtism, she wants to stay with Juan.. and they can’t get married, because he actually already has a wife! It’s great. I’m going to come home with trust issues. The amount people lie to us here! It’s really funny. Sometimes people just yell (from inside their house) “no estoy!” or “nadie esta!” It’s pretty great.
But for reals! I can’t believe I am 20! No, I haven’t gotten any eggs smashed on my head. A few of our investigators want me to come by, with the threat of eggs, but I think I’ll avoid them well enough.
I’m gonna send lots of pictures! YAY … well hopefully!
Hermanas in my District.  Made my Birthday so special.
Hermanas in my District.
Made my Birthday so special.

DSC03201 DSC03190 DSC03189 DSC03211DSC03139 DSC03171


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