May 18, 2015 The reign of Hermana Martinez (also, officially three months!)

I Loved my wonderful Trainer Hermana Reyes.  She was my first friend in Nicaragua.
I Loved my wonderful Trainer Hermana Reyes. She was my first friend in Nicaragua.

Hola Fam!

So this week has felt like an enternity! Hermana Reyes left for her home (sad) but I got my new trainer! Her name is Hermana Martinez (refer to subject) we had kinda a rough start, but after a few companionship inventories (which those RMs totally know everything about) we becoming pretty great friends! In only three days! So I can not wait to see what the rest of the transfer is like. It is really looking up!
I read Laura’s email about the DR (or in Spanish RD) and well… yep. ‘Bout sums up my life here. Need I add more? Rice and beans and Chicken. Sweating. Always thirsty. Crazy people cat-calling you in the streets (that wasn’t in the letter but I am sure that it happened often)
I got my birthday package! Hurray! The chocolate was just what I needed! And I love the skirt… and the scarves? Maybe you confused with me with the daughter you have serving in Siberia… jk. I love them. They are way cute, and I acutally wore one today! But I don’t think I would ever survive with this while I was working. But it is a way cute way to doll up an outfit! (as mom would say) But for reals, thanks for the package. I loved all the photos and little nick-nacks.
So our family Juan and Luisa have taken a step back, turns out Juan has been lying to us and smoking this entire time.. but hopefully her understands now how important it is. But you never know.
I didn’t get your letter this week yet, so I don’t have any questions to answer! But I hope this gives you a little fill of Nicaragua! (and seriously, Republica Dominica.. strange fruity drinks.. ice cream (Ice and cream) and rice and beans? Bout sums up the food here too 😉 I am glad you guys got to feel a little of Nica!
Love you lots!

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