Hungry Hungry Hermana

Talking was sooo good Yesterday! I was so glad just to see all of your faces! Really though. I kept changing who I was looking at. I really felt your love and support. This week was pretty hard for homesickness, and I was worried that talking to and seeing all of you would make me more homesick, but it did the opposite! I love all of you, and knowing that you love me and are proud of me makes me want to work harder and do better. It was really cool, and built my confidence a ton. I felt like I saw me through your eyes a little bit. I really have changed a lot, and I can feel that! Thank you. And I am sorry I did not have any questions prepared! I should have thought of that more!

Mom had some questions that she wants me to answer here.
Q-  When it rains are the roads really muddy or is it pretty compacted?
So I have only had super heavy rain once, and I couldnt even see anything. But there were like rivers in the streets! But luckily we were on a part that was cobblestone, and from what I have experience after the rain, it is more around the ditches that is super muddy (we are always hopping ditches) but the streets are mas o menos.
Q-  How did you get around,  I know you walk a lot but like yesterday going to    the stake center.  Does someone drive you to farther places?
We walk… and when it is too far, we grab a taxi. And then walk. And when we do not have money… we walk. We do a lot of walking. A lot of days most of our meetings fall though, and we have walked the entire day. It is pretty crazy. But my feet actually have not hurt as bad as they did when I worked in the restaurant. So that has prepared me for this mission!
Q-  Do you every feel scared walking around?
Yesterday there was a fight just right in front of our house, about an hour before we were supposed to go home (and there isnt a light in the street in front of our house) So we were a little nervous, but I didnt feel too scared. There is an area we can not be in after dark, and it is pretty far away from our house, and one time it was a pretty close call. But I think I was just scared because it was in my first week. But no, the drunk people do no more than just cat-call and such. I do not feel too scared.
Q-  Could you be getting transferred this week or are you just getting a new comp?
I could get transfered, but it is very unlikely, because then nobody would know the area! So probably just another companion.
So yeah! Yesterday we had a babtism, his name is Jose Miguel and he is 10! But he was super excited for his babtism. So that is really good! His mom was worried, but we got through that. So that was super cool.  The man in white is the person who baptized Jose Miguel. The missionarys only can babtize once. So usually it is their own converts. This old man is so cute and so cheery all the time. Only a member for like two months. So it is sooo funny that he looks so grumpy! They all are so grumpy! I think it might be a culture thing. Quien sabe. Pero él usualmente esta muy feliz.

HUNGER GAMES! For real. So two weeks ago (ish) we did not have very much money, because it was the end of the pay period, so we did not buy ver much food. Then we had Hna Grow surprise us, and eat our food. Then the day of Money, our cards did not work, so we couldnt get money. THEN monday we did not have time to shop for food. So for the last two weeks we have been very light on food, and usually I am not that hungry for breakfast and dinner, but it has been way hard. Not even the hunger part, but just because of hunger you start thinking of home more, and your body hurts more and whatever. So I am definently buying a ton today… jk, I do not have very much money again! So funny how this works 😉
I love you all! I am sorry I did not get to talk to ALL of you yesterday, but I definentally loved seeing you!
Hermana Lord

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