The week the Circus came to town!

Hurray! The circus! I do not have any pictures, but it parked right infront of our house, so we hear it every night. It is really small, only like two monkeys and a bunch of people. Hna Reyes doesnt like it, she says all circus people are bad. It is pretty great.
No babtisms this week, but a miracle did happen yesterday (Fast sunday, so hard, so thirsty) anyways. So we were doing our weekly round-up of people to go to church (we have to physically pick them up and go in the taxi with each and every one of them. Lots of money.) So we go to the house of Juan and Louisa, this family that is super into our discussions, and they are not there! The dad said that they were headed for Bombarros 45 (near our house, great spot to grab a taxi) so we basically run, trying to catch them. But there is nobody, Usually this happens, because people avoid us like the plague on Sunday. But we had hope, so we got a taxi and raced for the church… and guess what… THEY WERE THERE! It might seem really stupid, but here that is a super huge deal. Especially because this particular family is super poor. Like. Pretty dang poor. So for them to have gotten a taxi (or walked… which is really far) is like a big deal as well. The testimonies were perfect (even though their little boy was crying, so the dad had to take him out) and for class, they taught the restauration! (spell check… only know how to spell it in Spanish) Anyways. Complete with the movie, which Lousia said she loved! AHHH! Miracles. Prayer works. (because seriously, the entire taxi ride I was praying like a mad woman)
Anyways. So this week was full of new things. Wednesday I had exchanges with Hna Seaui-Matagi and then Thursday, the Hermana Leader showed up, so she worked with us all that day (which was crazy, because we just put our beds together on the floor, and all three of us slept together… just like the old days at the cabin!) Then Friday we had a member with us a good part of the day. It was pretty fun.
And May 1st right on the dot, it rained. HARD! We were in a members house (more like a tin house… for context, I love the houses here, but they are nothing more than tin layers!) and it started pouring. And the lights went out. So we waited, but then the streets were rivers! So we borrowed and umbrella and waded through the water to our house. Luckily it was pretty close. But our skirts were so soaked! And we did not have electricity either, so it was really fun studying by candle light. Pretty cool adventure.
So yeah. That is bascially all the “cool” stuff that happend. Other than that, the weather is getting “colder” (which just means not boiling outside)
Today we made pupusas, sooo  good. And tonight is my moms final interview before she dies. I am really sad, and she is pretty nervous. But mostly I am super duper sad. I dont want her to go! But it will be good.
That is all for today!
— Love

Hermana Lord

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