Hey home!

So yeah, this week seriously felt like a failure. Which is hilarious because WE GOT TWO BAPTISMS!

2 wonderful Baptisms!
2 wonderful Baptisms!


They were kinda scary, one was saturday night, and his Dad told us he was out drinking the night before. Luckily it wasnt true, and everything went as planned! it was great. Miguel Angel is like 26, and was pretty nervous before his babtism, but after he was way happy! It is so good!

The other was Jobanel, and the speaker for the babtism, and the person who was supposed to babtise him didnt show up! But we got it all covered. He is 15, and worked with the other missionaries before we even got here. About a two weeks ago, he came and talked to us and said he wanted to be babtised! It is really super great!

Other than that most of our other investigators have decided that they dont want salvacion. Why anybody would make that decision who knows. For reals though, just not the right time in their lives. It is hard to walk away from their houses, knowing they can have more in their lives.

We had two investigators at Miguel Angels babtism, and they responded really well! So we are pretty happy to meet with them again and see how they felt.

Lots of missionary work! Wahoo!

Either it has been getting colder, or my body is changing to the heat. It doesnt feel quite as bad. And Ive gotten pretty used to sweating all the time!

The weeks are going by so dang fast! The days are weeks and the weeks are days, but Im doing wonderfully!

Thanks for all the support!

— Love

Hermana Lord


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