The Hermana with the hot farmers tan


Everything is going super swell!  Not much to talk about. I finished D&C and the pearl of great price last week. (I had finished the book of Mormon in the MTC) So now all I have is the Bible and I’m all set!
It’s pretty fun here. We’ve had a bunch of lessons where our investigators are making shoes! It’s pretty fun to watch that process.
The food is pretty good still, Isabell (the lady that makes us lunch) usually makes a ton of rice, with some boiled starch, and chicken or something. And lots of Coca-cola. I’m way addicted to it already!
My regular day is get up at 6:30, do some stretches, try to wake up! It’s so hard because it’s so hot. Study, eat lunch, then off to work! We do a lot of work with Recent Converts/Less actives, which are usually the same group of people. And also we have a ton of investigators, but the problem is we go through them pretty fast.
I’ve taught lots of discussions here. We always have somebody to teach, so it’s pretty hard to get all of our contacting in. But as I’ve been gaining confidence with my Spanish, I share more in the lessons! It’s been really fun.
Some tender mercies, a couple weeks ago I was super duper missing home. We were reading the Book of Mormon with these two kids (recent convert/ less active) and after they wanted to sing their favorite hymn. Which happened to be… wait for it… IN OUR LOVELY DESERET! They sang it by heart in Spanish, and I sang it in English. And we sang it at the top of our lungs. Just the way that hymn should be sang. And I almost burst into tears thinking about home. But it was a good thing. A little bit of home in Nicaragua.
 My ankle that I sprained is doing better.  The bruising went away Thursday, and the swelling is way down today! So that’s really good.
I’m super duper sad to hear about Carol Rouse passing away. I loved her lots.
I can’t believe it snowed! Mom asked if I wish it would snow for even 1 hour in Nicaragua and I say I would hate the snow here! It would be way too cold. My body is adjusting to the heat just fine. I just have to get used to being sweaty… always… everywhere. But I’m used to it!
How exciting that Mom and Dad are going to go tend Kaleb and Laura’s kids while they go to Dominican Republic on vacation.  Send me lots of pictures of the kids and stuff. I’m excited to hear about Kaleb’s adventure too, because I’m sure Dominican is way similar to here. So Kaleb send me a letter and lots of pictures.
I can print off letters  but it costs more. So I really don’t want to do it with every letter. But every now and then I might! (When I figure out how to ask in Spanish)
I’m doing alright. Spend a lot of time dreaming about when I go home, but it used to be me wanting to go home right now!  But now I want to be here for this time. Just not forever 😉
That’s all today!

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