Nicaragua Welcomes me!

This week was super duper crazy! I wrote down a bunch of key things to remember to write in my letter. but I left that at home!

Our investigators are being wimps this week though. A lot of doubts are coming out, but that’s so good because now we know exactly what they need and how to help them!

Since my trainer is the Sister training leader, we have to go on divisions often, so on Wednesday I was out with Hermana Hernandez. And I did something, that is totally like me, I sprained my ankle! Hurray! It was actually super bad. I couldn’t walk on it at all. But I tried anyways. Anyways, and with the heat, and the pain, I passed out. Flat on my face. I gave Hermana Hernandez (and the investigators we were with) quite a scare. They called my trainer (Hermana Reyes) and the district leaders, and they took me home and ordered me to bed. They also gave me a blessing (in english, hallelujiah) and blessed me with health. And that this wouldn’t happen again. (the passing out thing kinda freaked everybody out) Anyways…. the next morning I had no pain, and I was out working! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! It’s so super crazy. It’s super swollen, and has a ton of purple bruising (like more than ever) but there is hardly any pain. So I just keep going. Hurray!

This is like my initiation to Nicaragua though. Definently not a place for weaklings. So many geico’s and mice and bugs. It’s crazy!

Sunday we had a ton of people willing to come to church with us, and wouldn’t you know it, they all happened to get sick on the same day! But, we collected a handful of children who were more than excited to learn about the gospel, so we brought them along. I love the children here, they are so funny and so ready for the gospel! The hard part is that… well their children! And the slightest thing can catch their attention. But I saw a recent convert pass the sacrament for the first time yesterday. We’ve been working with him for awhile, just keeping him on track, and it almost made me cry. I feel a responsibility for all of these people here in my area. I love it! But it’s also hard when I watch them recognize that this is the truth, but still turn it away.

We got to have a BBQ today at the Presidents house! My zone got the most babtisms last month! (go zzone!) anyways. Super cool. We watched Meet the Mormons in Spanish. Fun stuffIt’s about an hour away. And we it’s air conditioned, it’s like in the richest part that I’ve ever seen… so like our house 😉
Anyways. that is the most exciting thing I got for you this week. Passing out. Pretty crazy, the last time I passed out I woke up to people yelling at me in French, and this time it was all in Spanish! Yay! Pretty great.

Love you all!

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