March 25, 2015 Count Down to Nicaragua!

This week has been crazy! Just preparing to leave on Monday!

I got your package Mom, thank you so much! I also got a package from my long lost brother Kaleb. I thought he had died or something!  Naw it was good though. Chips and queso is the best! My zone loved it a lot.
On Friday we had a really cool experience of doing Exchanges with the Hermana’s in the other District. They’re in the intermediate Spanish class, so that was a little hard, but I was Hermana Filigrana’s companion, and I absolutely loved it! It was a really neat experience. During the 24 hours of our exchange, we did a “English fast” as well, that was pretty hard, but I felt like I’ve learned quite a bit from it.
Friday night also, a mouse got into our building, and ran right into our room. I was pretty crazy. So me McLaughlin and two other random girls chased it around the room, trying to catch it. One of the girls ended up catching it in one of my skirts! Now I have learned never to leave my clothes just hanging about my room. Nevertheless, I think I’ll be sending that skirt home for some heavy duty cleaning! So gross, but a ton of Fun!
We also got our travel plans of Friday! We have to be out of our rooms at 3:45 am! Sadly no visitors at the airport, but I can call family and friends during my lay-over in Georgia. I can’t believe It’s coming so quickly! I leave on Monday! AHHH!
Saturday Hermana Macdonald wasn’t feeling very well, so she got a lot of rest, and me and McLachlin just kinda hung around the dorms, trying to study.
Something I forgot to mention last week, I’m the sister training leader! Hurrah! So Sunday was my first meetings as a Sister Training Leader. This Sunday I have to teach Relief Society. It’s about Enduring to the End. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Just a pretty eventful week!
Brother Merritt gave a talk on Sunday, about Nephi. And about how When Nephi was asked to kill Laban it said “He shrank”. But over time, and then now he’s asked to build a boat, and Bro. Merritt mentioned that the chances of Nephi actually ever seeing a boat was slim, let alone building one. But when he is asked to, his response is “Where do I get the ore to make the tools to build the boat” He had learned how to completely depend on the Lord.
Right before he goes to see Laban in 1 Nephi 4:6-7 he says “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do. Nevertheless I went forth”
And that’s how I felt going on a mission, and now on my way to Nicaragua. In our lives we won’t always know for sure, but hopefully we will still go forth.
Lots of Love!

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