Feeling Scared and Excited

I’m like, sad to be writing you. I know it’s silly, but it’s my last few days in the States! I’m worried that I need something I’m forgetting about. But hopefully not.

Yep, I leave Monday at 3:45 AM. But I can call in Georgia at like 2:30 their time, so whatever time that makes in in UTAH. Can you text everybody and let them know that? So that they can like, give you numbers or whatever?
I’m so nervous! Like, AHHHHHHH!!!! Stomach aches galor! And super duper excited as well. The closer I get though the more I’m just nervous.
The purple suitcase is fine. The one that matches my purple set.
I don’t know, but I’m going to Nicaragua anyways!
I think it’ll be the 5 of us. Elder Maluia is officially not going to Nicaragua because of his stomach ulcers, so he’s getting reassigned today stateside. And Hermana Day has a slight possibility of not coming too. But it’s me, McLachlan, Ortiz, and Redd.
Yes I get to call at the airport.
I fly out at 8:30 here, arrive in Georgia at 2:07, then fly out of there at 5:50 and arrive at Nicaragua at7:40!
This is my last P-day in the states! I don’t know what day P-day is there. So it might be awhile before I’ll write again.
I’m going to miss the people I have met here, I really like them a lot. But I will not miss the food.
Thanks mom. I love you lots!

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