March 18, 2015 Got made Sister Training Leader

Hola Familia!

Pretty boring week here at the MTC… All is well.
Friday was pretty cool, our TRC Investigator has come a long way, and she even said she’s interested in being babtised! It’s cool to hear the spiritual experiences she’s having, and how she’s growing closer to Christ.
We had a real breakthrough with “Juan” as well. The last lesson just went super well, and we really felt the spirit. We finally kinda understand what he needs.
We’re still having a tough time with Isidora, but we teach her a couple times this week, so hopefully we can understand her more.
I got a package of Cinnamon rolls from Brandon, Thank you so much! They were so good. My district loved them.
St. Patrick’s day was really normal, but that night we had a devotional by Elder Clarke. It was really cool. He got down into the crowd with us, and he really connected with us. He had like 10 truths every missionary should know. One of them was faith, and I just loved the reminder. “Faith without works is dead… this is Missionary WORK. Learn to love to work.” something I really strive to remember, and I feel the Lord helping drive me, to be the best I can be and to go the extra mile. It’s really good.
Another thing he brought up was “If you stop listening, God stops talking.” I really liked that as well. It’s not just that you miss our on blessings, or helping other people, but as you fail to act on promptings, you’re not reliable. God will stop depending on as much, and you will miss out on a the greatest relationship you can ever have.
Anyways, just food for thought.
Some days I can’t believe I’ve been here only a month, and other days I feel like it’s still in my first week. But nevertheless, here I am! One more P-day here, and them I’m off to Nicaragua! AHHH! it’s super crazy.

— Les Amo Mucho.

Hermana Lord

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