March 11,2015

Hola Mi Familia!
This week has been good! I always get like writers block when I actually sit down to write, but hopefully I can remember a little bit.
Yesterday we had Quentin L Cook as our Devotional speaker, it was really cool to have an apostle! He talked about how if we need more success, we need to have more faith. More faith that the Lord will carry us through if we try our hardest. Pretty neat stuff.
On Monday one of the districts in our Zone left for the field! So jealous. It’s super strange though, we only had 19 people and they took 9 of them. So now our zone is only 10 people, and we’re not getting new people this week.
Elder Loumeau left our district and moved over to the intermediate Spanish class. When I came we had 8 people in our district, but now there is only 5. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a change, but it’s made a huge difference. But it’s good, because we’ve gotten to know the other two elders in my district better.
So Friday was kind of a crazy day! Hermana Macdonald got diagnosed with OCD, so now she has to take medicine. That night Hermana Day had another asthma attack, so the peramedics came. Also, Elder Maluia has ulcers, and they’ve been getting worse, so he was supposed to go to the hospital, but he didn’t actually go until Monday, his mom got to take him, and he got that thing done where they put a camera down your throat. I also had like a mini panic attack on Friday. It was very eventful.
Some answers:
STEVE: No, we don’t clap when people drop glass anymore. It’s not allowed. But a zone did empty our a cereal container, and they were pretty excited about that.
MOM: Elder Maluia, Elder Redd, Hermana Day, Hermana Ortiz, and Hermana McLachlan are all going to Nicaragua South with me.
DAD: I go at like 2:25, and we have changed up each time what we do. But yeah, don’t come and find me. No bueno. And I haven’t got to host the new missionaries yet! since our P-day is on Wednesday they probably won’t let us. But we’ll see!
We get to watch Music and the Spoken word every Sunday, and I like that it talked about setbacks. “They key is the way we react to our setbacks… We will continue to fail, but we can make sure that when we do, we “fail forward””
This week has gone a lot better than the last couple weeks. So yay! I need to get better at keeping a record of what happened, so I actually have something to talk about here, but that’ll come once I actually start doing stuff in the field. Can’t wait for Nicaragua!
Our P-day schedule is get up, print off emails, do Laundry, eat lunch, temple, dinner, class.  I get one hour to write emails. But we usually print off emails early in the morning.
Gonna finally send pictures today! Yay!
First picture: All the Elder who just left us!
Second: My companions! I am in a three some companionship at the MTC.  My companions are from Bountiful and West Valley. Hermana McLachlan is going to Nicaragua also.  Hermana Macdonald is going to Kansas. She leaves the day after us.  I do love my companions.
Third: Picture by the map
Fourth: My whole zone before
fifth: how hard we really work during class
sixth: proof that we have awesome rap battles.

— Lots of Love!

DSC02900 DSC02897 DSC02905

My fabulous District
My fabulous District

DSC02895 DSC02892


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