February 25, 2015-MTC The First Email Home

This past week has been crazy! Like, just swoop of motion, and I have no clue what English Speaking Missionaries do here, because I am so focused on language!
They give you your first “investigator” two days after you get here. AND YOU HAVE TO TEACH IN SPANISH! It was crazy. Lots of Dictionary looking up, and praying. We’ve taught him three times, his name is Sergio. He’s super cool, from Argentina (Troy shout out). Yesterday we taught this lady named Maribel, and she “knows” more English than Sergio. They’re both really members, but they act really well.
My District is the coolest. So me and my two Companions (Hermana MacDonald and Hermana McLachlan) and then a trio of boys, Elders Brower, Lomou, Maluia and Elders Bingham, and Hyde. It’s way cool. I’ll send a bunch of pictures.
My companions are cool. McLachlan is super chill, and Macdonald is very on the ball. I get along great with McLachlan, and still working on good communication with Macdonald. But it’s all good. I’m the Senior Companion for these first two weeks, and then we switch off.
Gym time is the best, I’ve been trying to run a mile every morning, but I got pretty sick. We’ve also been playing Volleyball, and I’ve gotten  better at that.
The food is Ok. But I love the studying! We literally spend 9 hours of our day in our classroom studying, the rest is for eating, working out, and getting ready. It’s actually super awesome!
My district is super awesome, and we all want to be close,so that makes it better. Bingham and Hyde were supposed to go the MTC in Mexico, so they leave next week, because they just got their visa’s.
I guess that’s all. It’s good! I like the Dear Elder a lot.
Love you all!

Hermana Lord

DSC02863 DSC02867 DSC02839 DSC02843 DSC02849 DSC02864


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