February 18, 2015 MTC Here She Comes!

We got up bright and Early!  All ready for Kylies big adventure to start!  Kylie was excited, anxious, nervous and scared all at the same time.  Kandies family was still in Utah so they helped ease the tension.  Rachel came over and helped her pack her suitcase.  I was trying to finish up hemming a couple of her maxi skirts that we cut off.  We took lots of pictures and waited for the 1:00 oclock hour to come when just Dad and I would drive her to the MTC.

On the ride to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) she cried and cried and felt so scared.  BUT, the minute we drove onto the MTC grounds there were people waving, smiling and welcoming us and the whole mood changed.  Missionary’s lined the side walks all waving to us with big smiles.    Dad made the comment. “It feels like we just entered Disney land.  A cute sister missionary opened Kylies door and welcomed her with excitement and enthusiasm.  She said she would be her very own escort all day.  They talked freely and after hugging us quickly Kylie wheeled off with her luggage chatting and smiling with her new missionary friend.  We left feeling so at peace and just felt that she would be totally fine!  It was a great day!

IMG_4349 IMG_4353 IMG_4359IMG_4369


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